What Is the Most Effective Fly Spray for Horses?

By | February 17, 2020

These days there are a lot of repellents present which are used to attack the flies and sway them away. Methods like usage of the pheromone traps, the electric bug zappers, and usage of the wasps that are parasitic in nature and feed on the pupae of the flies are widely into use in order to protect the horses or for this matter any of the other animals from the attacks of flies. All these methods are therefore bought into use in order to get rid of the major fly problems and hence minimize the disease concept.

Most of all the seasons when it comes to nurturing, serving and keeping a horse what a horse keeper most awaits for is a bright sunny sun. But as soon as the awaited comes all the horse keepers go back to wishing the same old bleak winter season because of the no-fly bliss that is proffered only by that season. Because of all the dirt and the filth and the diseases which these pests bring wishing there were some methods to get rid of them is pretty obvious.

For good relief, this is completely and truly possible. Since the invention of the old-time star flypaper, humans have righteously involved themselves in a battle with the bugs which they are trying to and determined to win. For these reasons, only people and scientists have come along with various driving fly away strategies that are used for driving away and disposing of the flies.


What Is the Most Effective Fly Spray for Horses?

The first weapon that every barn holder has is the fly spray. The fly spray as the name suggests is sprayed all over the horse’s coat. A spray liquefied roll-on version is used to apply the repellent around the eyes and the tags are used to apply the repellent around the halter region. After the whole of the horse, the body is applied with the pungent drive-away source the horses are ready to gloriously walk out the ranch even on a buggy and fly afternoon to take a ride across the shore.

But the only drawback that shudders the effectiveness here is that no one as a layman truly knows the toxicity of these repellents. This is because these repellents are all chemicals based and hence use various high-grade chemicals as their formation basis which are impossible to be known by a horse keeper at least. Therefore making an idea as to how safe a repellent being used actually is for the horse is difficult to attempt.

Something good and something bad about the repellents

What Is the Most Effective Fly Spray for Horses?

Most of the fly repellents that are made and sold in the market are generally based upon the formulations from the pyrethrin chemical. This chemical is obtained from the Chrysanthemum cineraria folium. This flower is found as a viable flower crop in the region of Kenya, India and some other equatorial regions. These flowers portray a wide variety of properties that are bug repelling and so the extracts from these flowers are used as a primary ingredient in the making of the fly and bug repellents.

Pyrethrin and its effective bug-repelling properties

The powder from the petals of this flower releases the chemical pyrethrin. On direct contact has severe disabling effects on insects. Upon direct contact, pyrethrin can instantly kill the bugs and insects. The better part is that since this chemical decomposes upon interaction with sunlight therefore after killing the insects it decomposes off in relation to sunlight. Thus pyrethrin is a chemical that has excellent effects and is environmentally friendly too.

The dual action of this chemical is very effective. This chemical is a neurotoxin and thus paralyzes the working properties of the insect circulatory system plus its presence severely irritates the insects and so they are disgusted by its presence and therefore repel it and leave the body or the affected areas for once. Since it has a high driving away vibe it is not necessary to use its extracts in high dosages. A small amount of contact with the bugs is enough to irritate them and kill them. Mostly this chemical has these devastating catastrophic effects only on bugs and insects but to mammals, this herbal chemical is completely nontoxic only if contacted through the skin. This is because these plant extracts are not good for consumption.

Downsides to the pyrethrin usage

What Is the Most Effective Fly Spray for Horses?

As effective and useful this plant extract is to humans it does only one-tenth part of it as its downside. The first and biggest problem is with the effective yielding of the flower that produces this extract. In simple words, the variety of flower that produces this extract is extremely restricted to certain areas. This is because this flower has some bonding conditions for its bloom. The flower is very specific to the climate and the area it is grown in therefore the production becomes very constricted and binding. This in turn in off-seasons leads to an immense increase in the price of this extract, therefore, making it unaffordable in most parts of the world. This, therefore, reduces the chances of using one of the safest methods to drive flies and bugs away due to minimal growth in off-seasons.

Another demerit that pyrethrin holds is that it is a way to decomposing though it is considered to be a good property for being environment-friendly the actions of pyrethrin halt if used in the exposure to the sun as it decomposes to atomic level very quickly under the presence of the sun. Therefore due to this, the working properties of pyrethrin are limited to a one time use of the effectiveness of one to two hours. However, as a counter dealing scientists have been performing experiments to mix this extract with other potent bug-killing synthetic materials and producing an insect-killing method that is easy, cheap, and effective and is available all through the year at cheap prices.

Some of the Best Fly Spray

What Is the Most Effective Fly Spray for Horses?

Here is a list of some of the best fly spray for horses that can be used to keep away the flies and buggy insects.

  • The “Absorbine UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide and Repellent”: this fly spray is weatherproof and is completely resistant to sweat. Moreover, it has the working properties of 17 days in a row hence is very effective. The composition includes pyrethrin and natural sunscreens. The only drawback this cream might hold is irritation if rubbed in excessive amounts.
  • The “Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly repellent for horses”: the spray with special formulation this pray has long-lasting effects and is sweat proof. Also, it is weatherproof therefore does not wash away in rain.
  • The “ PYRANHA Wipe and Spray Fly Protection” bottle: a scented fly spray bottle this spray not only drives the flies and the bugs away but also provides a boost to the sheen of the horse’s coat and also adds to the flowery scent of the horses. However, the only con it pertains to is that it can become very oily and greasy for the horse’s coat if used daily.